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A new ambassadress for the Vatel Grand Sud-Ouest Club
A new ambassadress for the Vatel Grand Sud-Ouest Club - Vatel

A new ambassadress for the Vatel Grand Sud-Ouest Club

At the beginning of April 2016, Aurélie Voillot, who was born in Champagne but who loves the Bordeaux area and its great wines, officially took up office as the new ambassadress of the Vatel Grand Sud-Ouest Club.


Aurélie obtained a Bachelor’s degree at Vatel Brussels in July 2012 and now wants to specialise in the wines and spirits sector.

The wine sector – the obvious solution

How could she get into this huge sector populated by enthusiastic experts? She left Brussels for Bordeaux and took the one-year C.A.V.E.S. course at the Chamber of Commerce to learn about the marketing of wines and spirits. At the same time, she worked as part of the sales team in a vineyard in Médoc (Château Saransot Duprè).

“I immediately felt a strong interest in Bordeaux wines and I was drawn up by the social context that goes with them!”

Now, after almost two years with a leading Bordeaux wine merchant (Thiénot Bordeaux Champagne Group: CVBG Dourthe Kressmann), Aurélie works in export sales in Baron de Montfort’s vineyard in the heart of St Emilion wine-growing country, with most of her marketing done in Europe.

Ambassadress, a task that is close to her heart!

Aurélie is delighted to be representing the Vatel Alumni Club in South-Western France. She sees it as “an opportunity to share so many memories that are common to all the colleges and to ensure the vitality of a powerful network of people involved in hospitality and catering, or even the wines & spirits sector, in this beautiful region!”

Programming the Club’s first event

Aurélie has already stated her intention of arranging the first meeting during the city’s 10th wine tourism festival, Bordeaux fête le vin”, between 23 and 26 June 2016!

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