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A Vatelien’s Tour de France  - Vatel

A Vatelien’s Tour de France

A 2015 alumnus, Clement Barbier moved to Auckland as soon as he graduated before moving back to France to manage a hotel in Haute Savoy. In 2019, he embraced a new challenge with the aim of creating his own ecological hotel...



The year of audacious acts and encounters for Clement Barbier who decided to tour France on his bike to hone his new professional project: creating and building his own ecological hotel someplace here in France or elsewhere...

His goals?

Making it to the end! 

Producing ZERO waste or almost

Discussing, learning, meeting, discovering

Taking advantage of beautiful French scenery

Having fun #onelife

52-stage itinerary

Perhaps you’ll meet him someplace along the road and you too are aware of the challenges in sustainable hospitality and tourism? 

Stop and say hi

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