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Focusing on digital technology
Focusing on digital technology - Vatel

Focusing on digital technology

A Vatel Brussels alumnus, Benoit Formet now works for Qualitelis, a company designing digital tools for hospitality professionals. Proud to come back to Vatel, he met students for an interesting presentation and question and answer session.


Tell us about your professional background.

A 2013 Vatel Brussels graduate, I started working in investment real estate and asset management. That quickly brought me towards the hospitality industry: I joined a subsidiary of Deloitte, to work on divestiture-acquisition projects. I quickly thought about changing jobs to work in a booming field: what could be more logical than digital technology applied to the hospitality industry?
Qualitelis is a digital solution to help hotel owners compete in tomorrow’s stakes in hospitality: reclaiming data, managing your e-reputation, using opinions, being at ease in new communication modes, etc. This has become indispensable in a context that is complicated because of the emergence of online reservation giants.

And how do the tools Qualitelis has inspire students in the Revenue Management specialization that you met at Vatel Lyon?

Our tools allow them to be in contact with clients, beginning at the reservation stage until they give their opinion on their stay. As they communicate, data gathered concerning habits, desires, request, etc. are processed and made available to hotel managers. They can use this to personalize their guest experience. They opinion on the stay is the most important, as it sparks 90% of online purchases. Thanks to our partnerships with Google and TripAdvisor, we publish these opinions in the right places to give hotels a maximum amount of visibility. Today, the key to success is to regain customer relations: that starts off by understanding data and then this helps increase revenue.

What would you like students to know?

The hospitality industry is a line of work done by passion! With technology, this has been overturned completely, just like the upheaval when internet began. The main players are more and more powerful, meaning that hotel owners must quickly find their place so that they’re not merely “door openers” who bear the brunt of their assets and costs. My advice to students? Gather information, see what’s going on elsewhere, get used to putting things into perspective and never think that things are a done deal. If you think you know everything, you’re already lagging behind!

What memories do you have about your presentation?

The students were very receptive and already knew a lot about the stakes for the future. I loved coming back to Vatel with something I could teach them. Vatel has a great strength: its network, and you have to use it as much as possible. This is why we give a discount to Vateliens who want to use our tools in their hotels. Some students also gave me their resumes: our partner hotels were delighted to discover their excellent profiles. So in a nutshell, a fantastic day!

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