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Luxury, glamour, and an opportunity... - Vatel

Luxury, glamour, and an opportunity...

While she was working as the Sales & Communication Assistant at the Reserve Hotel, Constance learned from her internship supervisor that the Fauchon Hotel was looking for its Sales Executive. One interview later, and she landed the job.


Born on May 11, 1995 in Le Mans, Constance Trubert finished her technical studies at the Saint Malo IUT with an internship as the Marketing Assistant at the Esprit de France hotel chain

A revelation that led her to do an MBA in  International Hotel Management at Vatel Paris and then to specialize in her 5th year in Luxury Goods Management. 

Constance, what subjects do you study in the Luxury Goods Management Specialization? 

“The History of Luxury Goods,” my favorite! But also Russian, Chinese and how to create a project, a course where we had to imagine an innovative product or service. 

With Emma Jeannoutot, my friend, we decided to create the concept of a hotel with the Mellerio brand, which sells luxury jewelry. I loved working on this project. And as an added bonus, we got to meet Anne-Sophie Lancelle, the brand’s Communication Manager..

What is your personnel definition of luxury?  

Perfection in personalization. 

What was the subject of your final internship’s dissertation? 

How sensory and experimental marketing allows luxury hotels to stand out and increase their turnover. 

An issue that I was introduced to thanks to my final internship in the sales department at the La Reserve Paris - Hotel & Spa.

How did you land your first job? 

My internship supervisor, Nathaniel Most, the Sales and Marketing Manager at the La Reserve Paris - Hotel & Spa, learned that Fauchon l’Hotel Paris was looking for someone to work as their Sales Executive. 

So, I got in touch with Maud Welter, the Sales & Marketing Manager at the Fauchon L’Hotel Paris. She interviewed me and I got the job. 

I started two weeks after I finished my internship. 

What are your daily tasks? 

  • Touring the hotel 
  • Drawing up commercial offers for groups
  • Organizing events, from the price quotes up to the event itself 
  • Meeting companies and travel agents
  • Creating marketing supports 
  • Managing social networking sites

My days are all different and vary according to events taking place in Paris, such as those during the Fashion Weeks, which are times when a lot of things are going on in Paris.    

How is the Fauchon spirit shown in your hotel? 

Black, White, Gold and Magenta, Fauchon L’Hotel Paris is a GLAM hotel... 

  • Gourmet
  • Location, location, location on the Place de la Madeleine
  • Attentive to details and targeting
  • Mesdames...

And our philosophy makes you addicted to us, or as we say in French, ACCRO

  • Adore pleasing others
  • Create emotions
  • Celebrate 
  • Rejoice all your senses
  • Omnipresent and different

Credit photo : Fauchon Hotel

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