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 Organic wines, a booming market - Vatel

Organic wines, a booming market

The organic wine market in France is growing very quickly. In seven years, the turnover has tripled.


French market is the most dynamic

In 2021, France will consume twice as much organic wine as in 2013. It will then pass the leading consumer country, Germany.

The production increases

The three main wine producing countries of the world which are Italy, Spain and France, will therefore increase their certified organic surfaces to meet the big demand.

 What is an organic wine?

In Europe, wine is certified organic if it meets a specification that prohibits the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and GMOs. Additives and oenological auxiliaries are therefore prohibited. In these wines, the level of sulfur is limited.To obtain organic certification, it will take 3 years to obtain a conversion certified by an accredited independent body.

To help consumers, different labels exist and here are the definitions:

  • Nature: natural (or natural or sulphite-free) wine is a product without any input, technology, filtering or sulfur (if possible).
  • Bio: wines with a European organic logo are certified by an independent inspection body. This ensures that grapes and wines are free of synthetic chemicals before and after harvest. In addition, red wines may not contain more than 100 mg of sulphites per liter.
  • Biodynamics: Biodynamics is a production system that respects the balance between the plant, the soil and the environment, with reference to lunar and planetary rhythms.The standards to be respected in biodynamic are stricter: it is not necessary to use more than 70mg of sulfur per liter and not more than three kilos per hectare and per year for the use of copper-metal.
  • Vegan: For the moment, there is no certification imposed. The vegan mention of an organic wine or not, means a production without input of animal origin (ex: the egg white for the collage) and no recourse to the work of domestic animals (ex: the horse for plowing)

The relationship between French People and organic wines

From a food, wine is nowadays considered as an occasion to treat ourselves. Today, French people want to consume less, but of better quality. Therefore, healthy products without additives, antibiotics and preservatives are emerging. French prioritize the link between the consumer and the producer. This trend is even more increasing since the popularization of digital and influencers.A third of French people buy organic products (excluding wine). And 35% of them buy organic wines by having a careful analyze of the bottle and the label. Morevover, those purchases remain occasional, because of a higher price.

To sum up, French People want:

  • To ensure the quality of the wine
  • To support the producer and the terroir
  • To pay attention to his health
  • To ensure the origin of the wine 
  • To respect the environment

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Article signed by Camille Bouhelier, Vatel Bordeaux student in Mi2A.

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