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Revenue Management, a career with a future - Vatel

Revenue Management, a career with a future

Optimizing a hotel’s turnover and profitability: that’s what Revenue Managers do. A specialization that Vatel gives, where professionals in this line of work, such as Julien Bovina, transmit their expertise to students.


What qualities do good Revenue Manager have?

With the increase in economic competition and demand, the emergence of a collaborative economy as well as more and more online travel agencies (OTA), Revenue Management plays a key role. It is no longer a question of merely selling the right room, at the right time, to the right customer. You also have to know how to analyze your position in the market in terms of reputation (in particular the opinions your customers and guests give).Good Revenue Managers must not only have excellent analytical capacities and be extremely proactive, they also must be able to combine fair prices and a good online reputation.

You’re the Partner & Business Developer at Hotelub: tell us more about this company.

Hotelub, which won the 2017 Laurier d’Avenir for business trips, is a new service that connects travelers from the front desk of their hotel to professionals who are also staying there, thus generating networking. Customers use this application, specifically developed for them, and hospitality professionals have a complete interface to their data and communicate with them. This solution now connects thousands of business guests, eliminates solitude in business trips, improves customer experience and enlivens hotel lobbies and collective areas.  A new Events function now allows hospitality professionals to offer connected experiences to their companies, for their seminars, training sessions, etc.

Can you tell us about your presentation to students in the Vatel Lyon Revenue Management specialization?

That was a first for me! I wanted to share my experience with them and my expertise in an ever-changing line of work. As a former business traveler, and close to the hospitality field, I’m convinced that in this very competitive context, increasing customer loyalty means improving the customer experience and energizing all collective spaces in hotels. To do that, you must have a successful digital transformation, while retaining the quality of human contacts, which remain fundamental: personalization of stays, proximity, and friendliness are the keys to this. This is what I talked about to students, who were all good listeners: I’ve got great memories of this speech. 

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