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Understanding the hospitality market through Marketing courses - Vatel

Understanding the hospitality market through Marketing courses

How can students appreciate and retain a theoretical course? With a professor who has worked in this industry and has lots of stories to tell!


  Making Vatel Nantes students aware of the importance Marketing has in hotel strategy. Helping them comprehend all the aspects of this fascinating and complex market."

These are the two goals that Caroline Le Balc’h has when training future Vatel Nantes students in Marketing strategies for the hospitality industry. 

What did she do before becoming a professor? She worked for 13 years at Havas, one of France’s largest and oldest communication agencies! 

And more recently as a trainer in Communication and Marketing, she will be giving her first course at Vatel Nantes in September 2018.

  The Vatel Spirit includes excellence, French ways of living, thoroughness and courses that are in line with today’s professional fields."

What do you learn in Vatel Marketing courses? 

How to build on external analytical tools
How to understand the complexities of a market 
How to comprehend marketing mix strategies

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©Caroline Le Blach 

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