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A New Year’s Eve party with unexpected challenges
A New Year’s Eve party with unexpected challenges - Vatel

A New Year’s Eve party with unexpected challenges

“So what did you do for New Year’s?” “I took care of the dinner service for a four-star hotel on the 31st and then did the same thing all over again for the luncheon on January 1st.” 3 students tell us about 2 intense professional application days.


Third year students at Vatel Nimes, and used to many hours of professional application in the various departments of the Hotel & Spa, Matteo, Kathleen and Sophie nevertheless admit that they’re all quite astonished by the many challenges that they had to meet at the New Year’s Eve party.

Surprised of course, but above all proud, to have ensured the service of a total of 720 meals! They each tell us about which unsuspected challenge they had and what they learned from it.



Matteo Cassulo: exceptional endurance was needed

“After having spent the whole day setting tables in the gourmet restaurant and the three reception rooms of the Vatel Hotel & Spa in Nimes, serving 350 meals in the evening and then 370 the following noon, I can tell you that the biggest challenge to overcome was endurance. 

It wasn’t easy to have the same level of concentration and motivation but that that brings you a feeling of pride that can’t be matched. All the Vatel students who worked at the Nimes New Year’s Eve party will tell you the same thing: it’s a unique opportunity as well as a good argument in your favor when you’re interviewing for a job. 

The F&B department was a revelation for me when I started my Bachelor Vatel. And even more so after this experience where I progressed in my team management skills.”


Kathleen Fritz: incompressible timing to be respected

Etudiants Vatel Reveillon 2016 Service Nimes“At midnight the guests will be at the cheese course.” This is the goal that our professors gave us during the briefing before the meal started. So we needed to be quick, efficient and above all, have a long-term vision.

For example:

  • The way everything was set up for the 31st had to be designed to facilitate changes for the next day’s meal.
  • And we couldn’t start putting things away until the DJs left. And that’s when the students had to really be available.
  • Food and wine had to be matched and we had to minimize the number of times we would be coming to the tables during the dance shows, so that we wouldn’t bother the guests.

5,4,3,2,1… Happy New Year!  When I heard the countdown and saw that we were right on time, and even ahead for some of the tables, I said to myself that 2016 was off to a good start.”


Sophie Schmeltz: using transversal management

“Nominated as the Head Waitress, I had to manage all the waiters and waitresses. As I was used to managing first and second year students, it was difficult to have to manage third year students this time.

I had to use transversal management, which was less directive, while imposing my choices. A great experience as I’m sure that I’ll be managing people who are older and more experienced than I am throughout my whole career."

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