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A Palace gives a challenge to Vatel students... - Vatel

A Palace gives a challenge to Vatel students...

Presenting the strengths and weaknesses a luxury brand has: this was the challenge that the Peninsula Hotel gave to Vatel students. Their goal? Detecting the most analytical minds to recruit for the future London Peninsula...


Invited to tour the Paris Peninsula Hotel, by Jean-Stephane Hallard, a finance professor at Vatel Paris and Administrative and Financial Manager of the school, fifth-year students in the Luxury Goods Management Specialization started off their day with a presentation of the Peninsula Group and its Parisian Palace

Their guide? Nicolas Tessier, a Vatel alumnus and Assistant Human Resources Manager of the Palace, who showed them: 

 L'Oiseau Blanc Restaurant

The Peninsula Spa

The Katara Suite

The patio and its vegetable garden

Without of course forgetting the luxury cars in its private parking lot! 

Students, it’s your turn now! 

After the tour, the human resources and finance department teams put a challenge to the students: presenting the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of any given luxury brand. 

They chose Chanel, Hermès and Ferrari. With this impromptu case study, jury members were thus able to assess the students’ synthetic spirit and analytical capacities to detect those who could possibly be future team members of the London Peninsula, soon to open. 

And the winner is: Hermes

Congratulations to Catherine AUTELLI, Marie BAFFREAU, Nour BAAKLINI, Alizee CAU, Geoffrey GOUDEY, Lea HOAREAU, Camille PHILIPPOT, Marion RAGOT, and  Laura SALIOT, the nine winning students of this challenge who won a tea time invitation at the hotel.

©Credit photo : Peninsula Hotel Paris

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