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Defending the colors of a regional company - Vatel

Defending the colors of a regional company

Vatel Nimes 4th year students came in second place in the nationwide “Challenges for Youth and Companies” competition. What did they decide to promote? A hotel of course!


And rather than letting a company state its case in a competition between businesses, what if we let local students do this?

That’s the spirit of the national "Challenges for Youth and Companies” competition that 4th year Vatel Nimes students participated in. 

And what company did they chose? A hotel of course! And not just any hotel: the iconic Nimes Imperator, managed by Christophe Chalvidal, with students on the photo.

What did the students get from this?

Learning how to initiate and establish a privileged contact with a company.

Discovering how the company is run: its history, values and outlook. 

Drawing up detailed technical analyses and searching for arguments.

Working as a team: dividing up roles, finding everyone’s strong points.

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