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Hospitality Hackathon - Vatel

Hospitality Hackathon

When Vatel students’ legendary hospitality smarts meet the digital knowledge of their fellow students from Digital Campus, we witness the birth of the digital conciergerie...


Yes, but... what’s a “Hackathon?” 

A hackathon is an event where specialists get together for several days in a collaborative project of computer programming or digital creation.


In a partnership with Open Tourisme Lab, organized by Vatel Nimes & Digital Campus, in association with Maison Albar, Hotel Ibis and Tourisclub, students from both schools joined forces at Vatel Hotel on March 20 and 21, 2019 to propose innovative solutions aimed to improving customer service or user experience through personalized digital offers. 


  • Making students more aware of changes in this field and opportunities they present.
  • Learning how to work with classmates who have a different major and program and learning more about their knowledge, know-how and soft skills. 

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