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Reporter’s competition Nine Vatel students at the top of the short list - Vatel

Reporter’s competition Nine Vatel students at the top of the short list

A competition for journalists? But Vatel students are learning hospitality management, aren’t they?? That’s right, but the school jumps on each opportunity to give them a practical case study in a company. Our investigation...


Following Vatel Nimes’ initiative, and organized by the AJE*, first year Bachelor students took part in the 2019 Reporter’s competition, with over 180 young adults from the region. 

After having hosted Sophie Morche, the President and Founder of the platform Emmè** [Bring Your Dog], in their class, the 27 participating students went to see her at her startup, located in the coworking area of the Open Tourism Lab.

They were able to see the world of entrepreneurial work and innovation first-hand and appreciate all the ins and outs of this activity.

After these two meetings, the students presented the young startup as an article for the written press, and then presented it orally.

After all the students had been heard, a jury composed of professionals, faculty members and AJE members nominated the nine winning Vatel students: 

Enzo Linsolas

Clara Vincendeau

Erin  Tracy 

Rémi Xabada 

Emma  Guillerm 

Maëlle Bourrin  

Manon Terrolle 

Ines  Marechal 

Célia  Panissier  

The aim of this operation was to: 

- make students more aware of how a company works,

- allow them to carry out investigations and synthetic operations in a realm that is not well known

,- empower them through meetings with senior executives, 

- stimulate their curiosity and create a trusting relationship with the corporate world.

*L’Association Jeunesse et Entreprises [Youth and Business Association] by the intermediary of professors, urges young people to discover a company and meet its director and members of its personnel to write an article highlighting them: its history, identity, function, line of work, etc.

**Emmè is the number one collaborative platform of vacations with your dog. It lists, qualifies and ranks accommodations, activities and restaurants where humans and their furry friends are always welcome. 

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