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Students or consultants? Both! - Vatel

Students or consultants? Both!

Hotel owners frequently employ consultants. Ho36, a hostel in Lyon, assigned a true practical case study to the new and ephemeral agency, Ioké, imagined by third year students in their Vatel Business Case.


With the Vatel Business Case, students in their third Bachelor year call upon all of their expertise and creativity to solve issues and questions that hospitality professionals have on a daily basis.

Rules of the game

  • Partner hospitality professionals inform students of problems that they have in their hotels.
  • Then these students do group work on subjects they draw from lots.
  • Each group has four projects during the year.
  • One project = one week of work.
  • At the end of the week, each group presents its report to the concerned hospitality professionals and the rest of the class.

Ioké, an ephemeral agency

Six Vatel Lyon students imagined the Ioké Agency. In November, they completed their first expertise on a case submitted.... by a Vatelien! Clemence Deloison, a 2014 alumnus who manages the Ho36 Lyon Guillotiere submitted the following issue: backpackers who stay at this hostel regret that they are unable to access a real kitchen for safety reasons. 

These budding consultants had one week to imagine cost-effective workarounds, using their skill sets and analytical tools they learned at Vatel. Market studies, meetings with the competition, and surveys of hotel guests and hospitality professionals allowed them to draw up the recommendations they presented in their final report.

An experience where everyone learned a lot 

“We’d like to thank Vatel Lyon for having allowed us to meet local professionals to help them solve some of their problems. By being faced with some of the challenges in this field, we’ve already taken our first steps in the workplace. With the Vatel Business Case, everything is much more tangible.”

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