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Alexander and Tanguy (Vatel Bordeaux) on the starting block for the 4L Trophy - Vatel

Alexander and Tanguy (Vatel Bordeaux) on the starting block for the 4L Trophy

Today, Alexandre Piquer and Tanguy Fourquade (M3B in Vatel Bordeaux) are finally leaving for the 4L Trophy. Why are they participating in the largest 100% student rally in Europe? What challenges will they have to overcome? Where will they be going?


The big day has finally arrived! After 6 months of waiting, hoping and back-breaking work, Alexandre & Tanguy are finally ready! Our two Vatel (Bordeaux) students in 4L are beginning the 4L Trophy adventure. Let’s look back on their motivations and upcoming challenges.

The humanitarian dimension of the rally: the key reason for their commitment

Tempted by the sense of adventure at the beginning of their rally project, now the humanitarian dimension is the key reason why they signed up for this rally. They hope to distribute their donations (including 60 bookbags) to two associations: “ Les enfants du Désert”  & “4L Solidaire” . They also appreciate potential discussions with local populations and other participants. 
But the spirit of competition is not forgotten. They hope to come in first place. To succeed, they’ll have to hone their sense of direction so as not to get lost!

An imperial and royal itinerary: Biarritz - Seville - Rabat - Marrakesh 

Though the 2018 itinerary is only unveiled at the last minute, some things are always true: Tanguy Forcade and Alexandre Piquer will go through three countries: France, Spain and Morocco. They’ll do 6,000 kilometers.

Our third year Bachelor students at Vatel Bordeaux will be leaving from Halle d’Iraly in Biarritz, an imperial starting block. Biarritz has an international reputation for thermal cures. Choosing the world sea bathing capital to jump into the deep end - how can you top that! 

The 2017 edition went through Spain and in particular, through Seville. The capital of Andalusia is a sparkling one by its wealth of cultural diversity. Nearly thirty nationalities live inside of Spain’s fourth largest city. 

And last but not least, Morocco, the heart of this competition. In 2017, the itinerary included two of the four cities, known as imperial cities: Rabat and Marrakesh, which were the capitals at some times in history. Besides Rabat and Marrakesh, Fes and Meknes are also included in this category. 

And the rally will certainly end for Alexandre and Tanguy in Marrakesh, as in 2017. Good luck to our budding adventurers!

Follow our Facebook page @VatelBordeauxofficiel to see how Alexandre and Tanguy are doing.

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