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Behind the scenes in a 22 student department
Behind the scenes in a 22 student department - Vatel

Behind the scenes in a 22 student department

President of the very active Vatel Nimes Student Services, Alexandre Combalat introduces her team to us.


A few Student Services facts and figures 

  • 22 students including 17 doing Bachelor studies and 5 doing an MBA 
  • 1 President
  • 2 Administration and Communication managers
  • 4 Hubs with teams of 3 to 6 students including 1 manager

Each member of the department was appointed a position depending on his or her wishes and skill sets

  • The Events Hub works in close cooperation with Nimes City Hall’s Youth Department and hotels in the city. 

  • The Culture Hub targets the humanitarian dimension for each project. 

  • Members of the Sports Hub are athletes themselves.

  • The Sponsorship Hub focuses on on-boarding new students in the campus.

“We all studied different subjects in very different countries which is a true asset for this department.

The Vatel Nimes Student Services department has been very active for years and I want it to stay this way! 

We use what we learn in our Marketing, Law, Finance, etc. courses to manager our cash reserves or look for new sponsors. 

What’s next for Student Services? Skiing in February, the Carnival in March and the Gala dinner in April! Alexandre Combalat

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