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Europ'Raid, the biggest humanitarian cross-country car rally in Europe! - Vatel

Europ'Raid, the biggest humanitarian cross-country car rally in Europe!

From July 27 to August 17, Benjamin & his team will participate in the 6th edition of Europ'Raid, the first Europe-wide recreational car race of its kind, involving 750 participants.

Since 2014, Europ'Raid paticipants have been wandering the Old Continent over 10,000 kilometers in Peugeot 205 models across 20 countries.. An exciting event combining humanitarian work, cultural encounters and sports incentives that Vatel Bordeaux supports.
Similar to the 4L Trophy, Europ'Raid remains a sports event that is essentially humanitarian and cultural. Find out more with Benjamin, member of the ‘Raid of the Lion’ team

At 21, Benjamin Mariaud is a great advocate of humanitarian aid: 'We aim to provide schools in Albania and Bosnia Herzegovina with pencils, notebooks and children's clothes', he says.To raise funds and donations, the 'Raid of the Lionteam used the following:
  • The geev application that allows individuals to share their respective calls for donations. Thanks to geolocation, one can easily find local geev users.
  • The Bordeaux version of the 'Wanted Community' groups. Jérémie Ballarin, Christian Delachet and Luc Jaubert, three Bordeaux residents, launched this mutual aid network in November 2011. The group dedicated to the city of Bordeaux has more than 139,000 members.
  • The family, which of course provides its support.

The Europ'Raid: 20 countries over 23 days and enriching encounters awaiting the participants. 

No less than 20 countries will be crossed in 23 days, which leads to many opportunities for participants to immerse in the culture of each European city. 'At each stage, night camps will be set up with activities centered around the local gastronomy, as well as shows and concerts', says Benjamin.            

Europ'raid 2019-a night in camp in Albania - benjamin - vatel bordeaux

                                                                                                        A night in camp (Albania). 

Europ'raid 2019-discover the greek culture - benjamin - vatel bordeaux

Discover the greek culture in Athens. 

Europ'Raid: an endurance event 

Just like the 4L Trophy, the Europ'Raid remains above all a navigational and endurance race: no assistance, no beacon, only a road map.'We bought two cars: one for the race and one for storing spare parts. '      

europ'raid 2019 - the crucial road book - Benjamin - Vatel Bordeaux      

The crucial road book                                                    

Follow the adventures of Benjamin and his team on our Vatel Bordeaux Facebook page.     

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