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Golden Gala - Vatel

Golden Gala

Save the Date! On Saturday, April 6th, the Gala given by Vatel Nimes students will dazzle you! Theme, program, organizers, we’ll tell you all about it!


In 2018, Vatel Nimes Student Services and students who organized the Gala event succeeded in having over 500 attendees. 

And we hope to have as many in 2019! And above all, we’re hoping to give all participants the most sparkling and brilliant Gala in our school’s history, to celebrate its 30th anniversary."   

Laetitia FITE-GONNET, Vice-President of Student Services.

Highlights of the event


Welcome cocktail, photo shots and catch-up time between all the students, professors, alumni and administrative personnel.


Doors of the Mas Merlet open with a buffet prepared by our school’s Chefs. Lounge atmosphere with jazz played by a violinist and saxophonist.  


Get the party started! 

And the dance floor is open! 

Entrance fee €30 at the door and €25 euros in advance here.

The Golden Organization Team 

Leading the 2019 Gala, we have the Student Services Vice-Presidents: Laetitia FITE-GONNET and Matthieu CASCONE

They’ll both be assisted by about twenty volunteer students and by other Student Services members: 

  • Frandy Guiot
  • Constance Curau
  •  Ilona Dupont 
  • Thomas Morin
  • Laetitia Fite-Gonnet
  • Léna Kolenda
  • Matthieu Cascone
  • Edgard Le Targat
  • Nina Assas
  • Nathan Galtier
  • Gaël Salendres 
  • Clara Waseli 
  • Charlotte Peillard

Vatel Nimes first year students are really involved this year and I’d like to thank them and congratulate them!” 

Laetitia FG.

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