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Orientation Weekend in Fréjus - Vatel

Orientation Weekend in Fréjus

Red alert! We found Tokyo, Berlin, Rio, Denver and even "El Professor" in the South of France: they were hidden among the Vatel Nîmes first year students during their orientation weekend in Fréjus! #moneyheist


As is the tradition at Vatel Nîmes, second year students were in charge of welcoming first year students of all nationalities for an entire weekend. 

Main organizers Emma Davat, Valentin Michel and Evan Ardouin (second year students and Student Office members) were supported by 2 third year students and fifth year President Alexandre Combalat. 

A total of 85 first year students came together and 15 Student Office members were present to welcome them. 

The theme? You may have guessed it: Money Heist, one of the most popular foreign-language shows on Netflix.

The program includes: 

  • Friday 31/08: new students receive a “Vatel welcome” during an extravagant candlelit dinner, with teachers and members of the school's administrative staff.Departure for Fréjus in the evening. 
  • Saturday 01/09: inflatable human water catapult on an activity lake and evening in Saint Raphael, at La Réserve club. 

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