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Our students have talent - Vatel

Our students have talent

Their names are Lola, Charlotte and Lea. All three of them are first-year students at Vatel Nantes and each of them has a hidden talent...


Lola, a budding paparazzo

Hey, here comes Lola Calu! Are you sure it’s her? Of course it is - she’s holding a camera.

Ever since she was a little girl, this young lady has taken photos of everywhere and everyone. She must take after her grand-father, a war reporter.

In 2014, Lola did two internships, including one that was specialized in culinary photography. Since then, she’s added her photos of vacations, gourmet pictures that make your mouth water...

A Vatel Nantes student since September 2018, Lola has found a new playground to take pictures of: her life on the campus and soon her internship in Quiberon.  

We’ll soon be able to follow here on Instagram@Lola_Vatelnantes, currently under creation... 

Charlotte Hamard, the cocktail queen 

Charlotte’s passion for making cocktails was born right before the Christmas holidays, when she decided to quit her pre-med studies. 

Convinced that she wanted to work in the hospitality industry, here she is now at Vatel Nantes, ready to transform this talent into another feather in her cap to stand out in her first internship... 


“If I could create my very own cocktail, it would be using a maracuja base - that’s passion fruit nectar, - vodka, lemon juice and brown sugar. I’d call it The Marakas.”

Lea Dumont, a natural boater 

“Ever since I was little, I’ve spent my vacations with my family at the seaside. 

I love jet-skiing and boating so much that I got my boating permit in 2016. 
The Vatel Nantes campus is just an hour’s drive from the beach. 

You can be sure that I’ll be contacting Student Services to set up a jet-ski outing so that my new friends can discover my passion!”

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