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Golden Gala - Vatel
Golden Gala


  • Save the Date! On Saturday, April 6th, the Gala given by Vatel Nimes students will dazzle you! Theme, program, organizers, we’ll tell you all about it!

Hospitality Hackathon - Vatel
Hospitality Hackathon


  • When Vatel students’ legendary hospitality smarts meet the digital knowledge of their fellow students from Digital Campus, we witness the birth of the digital conciergerie...
The Vatel bond, bringing Vateliens together - Vatel
The Vatel bond, bringing Vateliens together


  • More than 100 Vateliens who met up, business cards exchanged, souvenirs shared... let’s have a look at a few pictures of the latest Auvergne Rhone Alps Vatel Club meeting.
Carnival and crepes - Vatel
Carnival and crepes


  • Vatel means uniforms for everyone, but in March there’s an exception... Let’s have another look at the Vatel Nimes Carnival Day.
And if we could all create happiness... - Vatel
And if we could all create happiness...


  • Jeremie de Fombelle has always loved resorts and has seen many of them, before coming to Mauritius. And this is where he really fell in love! But economic competition is stiff. How can you stand out, if not by the quality of your management?
Vatel professors around the world - Vatel
Vatel professors around the world


  • A professor of marketing, corporate promotion and negotiation, Sophie Lot loves adult education and teaches at Vatel Switzerland.

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