A course on vacations? You’ve found it - at Vatel!

Emmanuel Henry, the Associate External Resources Manager, came to present the Odalys Group and its 325 hotels in Europe to Vatel students. All right, now let’s hear you conjugate “seize an internship opportunity” in the past, present and future!

A course on vacations?  You’ve found it  -  at Vatel!

20,000 apartments in over 325 holiday residences, appart-hotels and residential leisure activity parks in France, Corsica, Italy, Spain and Croatia. These are the key figures Odalys Group boasts of.  In the past 15 years they have become a significant player in the tourist accommodations market, hosting over 2 million people on vacation each year. 

What type of jobs are involved in this quickly growing Group? What kind of opportunities are there for Vatel students in one of its residences or in its head office? Emmanuel Henry, the Group’s Purchasing and External Resources Manager, came to Vatel Nimes to answer these questions and give advice to students.


What does your job consist of in the Group?

In a nutshell, finding the best prices, the best products and services and the best employees for tomorrow’s businesses!


In your opinion, what qualities and skills do you need to do a job like yours?

You have to be curious, be on the outlook for new trends, while remaining very organized and tenacious. You also need to hone your relational qualities: building sustainable partnerships with suppliers, as well as with schools, is based on mutual trust and respects a “win/win” strategy.


And what about working in the field of tourist accommodations?

You don’t do the jobs we do, which can sometimes be compared to a calling, without liking people, without wanting, above all, to serve clients, to make them happy and anticipate their needs. These are trying jobs, where more and more relational qualities are required, where you have to be able to do the same job in a foreign language, and where exacting administrative qualities are also necessary. This myriad of skills is the key to success. To make progress, you have to have a good general skill-set, and accept to change jobs, to meet challenges and sometimes move to a different region or take on something completely different. My career, which spans sales to purchasing, proves this.


Did you have any internship opportunities or job opportunities to propose to Vatel students at the Odalys head office or in one of its residences? 

Every year we host over 200 interns at Odalys, both in our residences in support functions and in our head office and regional offices. There are many opportunities in our residences: at the front desk, F&B, accommodations, sales, etc.  For support functions or at the head office there are sales missions for municipalities, assistant product managers, as well as working in human resources, quality assurance, purchasing, training or development.


What qualities or skill sets could Vateliens bring you?

A new way of looking at things, but also their exacting qualities and people-oriented skills that Vatel is so famous for. Skills in hotel management are also very interesting for Odalys, as we’re expanding into apart-hotels. In these types of residences, what clients are looking for and demanding, is the same as in a traditional hotel, and this was not our original job. We have to progress too!