Give blood, give life

Vatel Lyon students rally for the annual Blood Donation Day. Here, Louise-Caroline will tell us why this cause is so important to her.

Give blood, give life

For the 11th straight year, from March 4th through 7th, a Blood Donation campaign will take place in Lyon. For the past few years, this has been France’s largest Donation campaign. Organized and sponsored by the Lyon Rotary Club and the EFS, the French Blood Donation Authority, the campaign will take place in the local Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Four Vatel Lyon students will participate, by supporting the organizational team and supplying gourmet sweet and savory crepes, prepared by the Chefs des Tocques Blanches Lyonnaises, who are also partners in this event.

Louise-Caroline Bic, a third year Vatel Lyon student, tells us why she wants to be a part of this: “I volunteered because, in my opinion, this is an essential cause, one where people gather together to help others, to share what they have, for those in need. For me, this is one of the most beautiful facets making up humanity itself, and I’m proud to be participating in this event, both as a volunteer, and as a blood donor. 

On a completely different scale, values behind this event are the same as those we are taught at Vatel: 
- Giving: you have to know how to give your time, energy and convey your good mood to your clients. 

- Solidarity: between students or with faculty members, solidarity is something omnipresent at Vatel through the assistance that we all give, one to another. This is a core value that most of us were brought up with.

- Sharing: the Vatel network is growing both in terms of Campuses as well as in terms of alumni. What makes it so strong are the connections between each school and each person, as time goes by, making this network a into a global source of opportunities, resources, and support for those who are already a part of, or will become a part of, the large Vatel family.

All of these values are, without a doubt, fundamental values in the hospitality industry." 

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