What’s new at Vatel Cafe?

An overview of what’s new for Vatel Lyon students at their Cafe

What’s new at Vatel Cafe?

Special Lyon or Perigord-style sandwiches, hefty Greek and Bresse salads: the new Spring/Summer menu at the Vatel Cafe, a practical application structure for Vatel Lyon students, not only invites guests on a culinary trip, but also gives them the opportunity to share!

Drawing on the success of its cheese, cold-cuts and tapas menus, Vatel Cafe* will now be service different flavors of ice-cream, to be discovered and enjoyed from May 1st through September 30th, right in the heart of the city, on its large patio.

 Innovation Structure

*The Vatel Cafe was founded in Lyon almost four years ago and is a part of the large family of full-scale practical application structures for Vatel students.

A strong point in Vatel’s educational methods, these facilities gives students the opportunity to meet ever changing daily challenges of customer loyalty. In addition, they learn little by little, with real customers, how to manage human resources, how to make decisions and assume the responsibility for them.

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