Line Laffond teaches French as a foreign language

Line Laffond, a professor and educator that her students really appreciate, has been teaching French to Vatel Nimes international students for over 10 years. More about her background and educational methods here

Line Laffond teaches French as a foreign language

For eight years Line Laffond studied Latin and Ancient Greek, as well as the rules of French phonics.

Her linguistic thesis, “Children, School and Advertising,” allowed her to obtain her Ph.D. in general linguistics and develop her skills in teaching. She lectured in French language learning methods in many European countries such as Germany, Italy, Spain, Greece and Belgium before working with the French Defense Ministry in Paris, as a trainer.

She gave courses on syntax, synthesis, analysis of writing, development of memory and speed reading. Called upon to write books and articles about learning French, she highlights the importance of images associated with words when learning a foreign language. She applies this method with her international students at Vatel Nimes, where she has taught French for the past ten years.