Tourism, Web & Marketing: on the slopes of Lyon’s Croix Rousse

Lyon’s Croix Rousse neighborhood as seen by five Vatel students

Tourism, Web & Marketing: on the slopes of Lyon’s Croix Rousse

These 4th year students in Vatel Lyon, Jeanne, Elodie, Etienne, Theo and Maxime, drew up 4 tourist circuits with 5 themes for the Hotel de la Croix Rousse. One of the best achievements out of the 21 that were done this year.  Click HERE for its web version.

What did these students have to say about this?

“We decided to work with Hotel de la Croix Rousse because of its great location and the charm of its village-like neighborhood. Right next to the legendary traboules, or hidden passageways, and easy to reach by public transportation, this hotel gave us an unimaginable number of possibilities.”

 “We promised to respect three directives during this project: respecting the hotel’s color codes, designing an easy to use site, as well as dynamics.  For example, when I say dynamics, we decided to shoot the videos ourselves and put them in with our texts and pictures. The hours we spent in town, with a camera on our shoulders, will remain one of our fondest memories of this project.”

“And something really funny, is that even our team members from Lyon learned a lot about what this city has to offer!”

“We always keep on learning from each other. We’ve been working together now for four years at Vatel, and we’re still really complementary. In this type of project you have to decide who does what, brainstorm, manage your time and above all, never miss a deadline.  This makes you work in an exacting way, with organization and team spirit.”

“For the past four years our teachers have been telling us that a good hotel manager has to know his customers well. In all the case studies we’ve done at Vatel, this one is perhaps the best illustration of this.”

“For us it seemed evident that in order to imagine circuits that hotel guests would really appreciate, we would have to go on them ourselves, come rain or shine, by foot, bike, etc.  That’s how we were able to adapt one of these circuits to special requirements of people in wheel-chairs.”

“Finding out what qualities each person has, learning how to manage compromises, being able to ax an idea that seemed like a good one when starting out: this type of project really allows us to see what qualities are required when you’re a good manager.”

We were really proud, when we finished the project, to see our web site associated with the partner hotel’s site And that’s another URL link to our resumes!”