Tourism, Web & Marketing: stars in the French town of Vienne

Five Vatel students study a two-star luxury restaurant

Tourism, Web & Marketing: stars in the French town of Vienne


Thomas, Yoann, Sophie, Fiona and Roxane, all Vatel Lyon students, decided to place strategy at the heart of their project. In a partnership with the Relais & Chateaux La Pyramide Hotel, and its Chef, with two Michelin stars, Patrick Henriroux, they imaged several short stays combining local sites with gastronomy. You can see what they had to say about this below, and just click HERE for their web site.



Let’s listen to the students:

“The hotel promised to associate our site with theirs if our quality met their high standards. Quite an honor for us. And we certainly weren’t going to let them down! Drawing up the budget, checking the feasibility of our offers, a rigorous selection process to validate our partners; we took care of everything.”

“Even before we finished this project, the Marketing & Communication Manager from the hotel gave us a fantastic present: he offered a job in the Sales department for one of our team members so that we could turn our proposals into actions!”

“Right from the beginning of the project, all the decisions were part of the group’s strategic action plans. Starting off by the choice of the hotel, as one of the team members had worked there last summer for five months. So we had the advantage of having someone in our team who knew the venue, the staff members, the environment, and above all, what customers were expecting.”

“We decided to distribute the roles like this: 2 students in charge of tourist circuits, 2 others on the web site part, and the last one as the interface between our team and the hotel.”

“Another strategic analysis: because the Chef was known at a global level and because of the town’s historical sites, we were able to target international clients seeking a luxury venue.”

We’re Vatel 4th year students. Now what our professors are expecting from us is curiosity, an overview and reflection. We merged our last impressions on luxury customer expectations, and two terms stood out: experiences and proximity. For example, more and more hotels have changed their closed in front desks to modern tables and some restaurants have even put their kitchens right in the middle of their restaurants. This is what they did at PH3, the second restaurant in La Pyramide.”

To respond to this expectation we had identified, we imagined the “Chef’s Table” offer. So that was 2 nights/ 3 days were the customer shared the daily life of Patrick Henriroux: going into the kitchens to see how the chefs all work together during rush hour, meeting with local produce farmers where the Chef goes shopping, accompanying him to the Vienne Market, one of the largest ones in France, etc.”