Tourism, Web & Marketing: in the Lyon peninsula

The hustle and bustle of the very diverse Ampere Victor Hugo district in Lyon, as seen by 4 Vatel students

Tourism, Web & Marketing: in the Lyon peninsula

In their 4th year at Vatel Lyon, Valentine, Isabel, Lucie and Adele designed 8 tourist circuits for the Hotel Alexandra. Each one targeted a specific theme: Oenology, Romance, History, Family, After Dark, Fashion, Cinema and Gastronomy. These four young ladies can be proud of themselves and their web site, which you can see by clicking HERE.

Let’s listen to the students:

“We wanted to partner with a hotel in the center of the city. So we met up with Hotel Alexandra’s management, as this hotel is located in the rue Victor Hugo shopping area, in the Ampere district in the 2nd arrondissement.

And it’s a small world, a Vatelien, Nathalie Tardy, was the person we were meeting with. But it’s not astonishing either, as Vateliens work in just about every hotel in town!”

“This is a real team project between us, as well as the partner hotel. We had regular meetings with Mrs. Tardy, who helped us target the various customer segments her hotel had, in order to better adapt the circuits to their expectations.”

“One of the circuits all four of us prefer is our Family circuit, as it has several activities that both adults and children would appreciate. We also wrote a booklet that the hotel will be able to give to children before they leave for the day. This booklet has several short games to keep the children amused during the entire circuit. Because, you have to remember, that children, like their parents, are also guests in the hotel. You have to take their expectations into account also, and not forget them.”

“We decided to work with an Office Pack software package so that the hotel would be able to keep on using our work after we delivered it.”

“During the entire project, we always had the impression that we were true professionals working for the hotel, and were delighted with what we delivered to them, after these five months of work.”