Sabin Costea, the 2015 Bachelor Vatel European Valedictorian

Sabin, who was born in Romania, came to France in 2012 to attend Vatel Lyon. Just three years later, he’s the European Valedictorian and he’ll give us the keys to his success.

 Sabin Costea, the 2015 Bachelor Vatel European Valedictorian

Sabin Costea, born in Romania, came to France when he was 18, after having graduated from his Romanian high school with a specialization in literature. Just 3 years later, he’s the Valedictorian of all the European Bachelor Vatel’s students with an overall average of 16.21 for the International Hotel Management exams.  In his summer 2015 internship, he’s in the Auditing department of the Hermitage Hotel in Monaco, and eagerly answers our questions.

It’s easy to understand what interest Sabin when he starts listing his upcoming goals:


  • acquiring new knowledge,
  • adding new skills
  • make progress each day,
  • discovering new countries and new managerial techniques...

... with the aim of starting his own business in the hospitality industry.

A child’s dream? Not exactly. As he was aware that at the age of 18, he lacked maturity to decide upon a career, he chose to study in the hospitality industry for its diversity. Different jobs, nationalities and destinations for a successful career.

Because of his hard work as well as support from his family and friends, he had the highest Vatel European average: Paris, Lyon, Nimes, Bordeaux, Brussels, Martigny and Madrid.

 “My native culture and education I received from my family were my greatest strength. And then on a daily basis, my Vatel friends also supported me. After that, it’s not a mystery: to succeed you have to have self-discipline and work a lot.”

What three tips could he give to succeed at Vatel?

  1. Always being there, both physically as well as mentally.
  2. Never thinking that you know everything or that learning ends when your theoretical courses are finished.
  3. Knowing how to appreciate and listen to advice given by your professors.

Sabin quotes the English sociologist, Herbert Spencer to give us his vison of education:  “The goal of education is action, not knowledge.”

It’s easy to recognize Vatel’s philosophy of learning through doing here as well as its mission to convey not only knowledge to students, but also an entire set of know-how and people-oriented skills.

And when we ask Sabin about his fondest memories, he always tells us about the third year Vatel Gala dinner and the end-of-the-season party at the Guanahani Hotel in St. Barth, where he did his second year internship.

But this is easy to understand when you see the hotel’s Instagram photos.              

Delphine Cinquin“Always cheerful, for the past three years Sabin has been like sunshine in Vatel Lyon. A hard worker, he is passionate about everything he does. I’d like to thank his family for giving him the opportunity to study in France. Sabin’s great results and his talent in the hospitality field pay tribute to them.” Delphine Cinquin, the Vatel Lyon Director.

Do you have any questions for him?             

No problem, Sabin will be happy to answer them: