Flashback on 5 years at Vatel

Theoretical and practical courses, student life and group projects, internships and professional lectures: Adrien Marseille tells us about the 5 years he spent at Vatel

Flashback on 5 years at Vatel

He started at Vatel in 2010 to prepare a degree in hospitality, tourism and luxury goods management.

He finished in 2015 as the MBA Vatel Lyon Valedictorian

After having spent several months on la Croisette in the F&B department of the Grand Hyatt Cannes Hotel Martinez, Adrien Marseille is ready to meet a new challenge in Paris. Recruitment for a managerial position is on-going, and Adrien will officially announce his new job to us soon.


Practical application courses

Cours théoriques

These courses are essential and necessary to well understand the hospitality and restaurant fields. Vatel is a school that teaches you have an eye for details and to persevere.

It’s also an introduction to management as we gradually transition from operational jobs in our first year to managerial jobs in our third year. I’ll especially remember the way all students helped one another during rush hour times in the restaurant. 


Academic classes 

Cours théoriquesI’d like to emphasize the huge diversity of subjects taught at Vatel: they give us a panoramic view on our line of work and a 360° vision of jobs and functions in the international hospitality industry.

I really appreciated the “hands on” methods used in courses which could be seen by all the group work that we did. That allows students to unleash their creativity and I use some of these ideas we found in my current professional life. 



I had the great opportunity of having many different experiences in a famous hotel, where I learned many different skills and also was able to network professionally.

Of course, when I worked as the Assistant F&B Manager at the Georges V Palace, this was the one that impacted me the most, but it would have been impossible to have all these responsibilities without having interned in the Saint-Joseph 5* Hotel in Courchevel  or the Grand Hyatt in Dubai.             

All of these internships, each at their own levels, are priceless for the skills learned when you work in the many different departments.  Today I see these at the highlights of the time I spent at Vatel.


Professional lecturers

The professionals that come to speak to us are from all different lines of work, and each of them, in their own ways, teaches us something about their experiences.

I especially remember the interesting debates and discussions that were not just limited to the hospitality industry.  They taught me how to development my professional curiosity in other fields.


Projet de groupe Vatel

Group project

I really appreciated the Vatel International Business Game week, even though the results did not live up to my hopes. My taste for competition showed itself during this week and I learned a lot on how to lead a group when working towards a shared goal.

In addition, that allowed us to use all of our theoretical knowledge and our experience when we had to manage a hotel or resort for a week.


Student life

Vie Etudiante

Because I stayed for five years with the same class, this allowed me to make really close friends. I was lucky to have met my two best friends during my first year.

And when you add the fact that Lyon is the perfect city for students, you’ll understand why I have so many fond memories. 

Do you have any questions for him? No problem, Adrien will be happy to answer them: