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Olivia BAUDA

Groups & Events Sales Specialist

Sheraton Grand Hotel Dubai
Promo 2017

Dubai, United Arab Emirates Retour

It is with an immense pleasure that we've welcomed Ms. Olivia BAUDA  on the campus today. Olivia is actually on holidays in Mauritius and will be flying back to Dubai very soon. It is at the Sheraton Grand Hotel Dubai that Olivia is performing efficiently as Groups & Events Specialist for the hotel. There is no routine and every client is a new challenge, she mentioned. 

"Vatel Mauritius is a real stepping stone to become someone is the hospitality and tourism industry. With the support of the whole Vatel academic/internship team, I have been able to " add more value to my profile ". In my daily work, I need to deal with different kind of clients and that may be a real challenge. Fortunately, my communication skills had already been fine tuned while completing my Bachelor degree at Vatel Mauritius. I am actually on holidays and it was a must to do a stop at the campus. I FEEL AT HOME HERE." said Ms. Olivia Bauda.

After 2 years in Dubai, Ms. Bauda is now looking forward to grow even more and to take more responsibilities. After her Bachelor degree at Vatel, this dynamic young lady contributing actively to a world where professionalism and attitude is KEY!

Congratulations Olivia!

We wish you all the best.

The Vatel Mauritius Team 

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