Vatel, Ilan Athouel’s lucky star

"Vatel gave me what all students are expecting from a school: springboard towards a fulfilling job"

Vatel, Ilan Athouel’s lucky star


“I’m completely confident in what the future holds for me, because hospitality and tourism are sectors that are hiring. Vatel, my lucky star, prepared me to succeed in all of these jobs anywhere in the world.” Ilan Athouel, a Vatel Tel Aviv 2015 alumnus who already has a job.




Ilan, why did you choose hospitality and tourism management?

When you work in the hospitality industry, it’s like you’re a member of a big family. A family of different nationalities and cultures, all working together in a hotel and depending on each other to give their guests the best service and one that matches their expectations.


Why did you choose Vatel?

Going to Vatel, the 1st Worldwide Hotel and Tourism Management Business School Group, seemed self-evident to me. Just like international hotels, classes in Vatel’s 30 different schools have students from all over the world. They all take the same courses that are both very personalized and open to the world, with internships abroad, and inter-school exchange programs. And when they graduate, they make up a network of 27,000 professionals that I wanted to be a part of.


And why did you decide on Vatel Tel Aviv?

As I was born in Toulouse, I could have gone to Vatel Paris, Lyon, Nimes or Bordeaux. I decided upon Vatel Tel Aviv to discover a country where tourism is thriving, as well as its cultural, historical and religious heritage and sites.  The luxury hotels, which are partners of the Campus and the Masa accreditation, from the Israeli government, finally convinced me.


How did Vatel prepare you to do managerial jobs?

Vatel taught me knowledge, know-how and values, which all contributed to my people-oriented skills. The bases of its courses also prepared me to know how to lead teams and convey knowledge. Just like the 7,000 other Vatel students throughout the world, I had weeks of theoretical courses that were followed by weeks of practical application and did internships in hotels in the city. All of Vatel’s educational methods, that Alain Sebban, its founder, put in place over 30 years ago, are based on this perfect balance between academic theory and professional experience.


What did Vatel bring you from a personal point of view?

It helped me know myself better, to recognize my strong points as well as where I had to improve. I did all the jobs, in all the different departments. That’s how I gained self-confidence, to better manage my teams, as I once did the jobs that they are doing.


And from a professional point of view? 

Vatel gave me what all students are expecting from a school:  springboard towards a fulfilling job. In my final year, I did my internship in management in a firm located in Netanya, where I was hired directly. I manage a team of four, and we define sales strategies.

I hope that one day I’ll be able to open my own hotel and continue to find satisfaction because my guests are happy with their stay. 


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What's new in Nimes?

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Convert it into a degree and get your career on the fast track with the Validation of Professional Experience (VAE). Vatel proposes 2 RNCP certificates
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