Admissions and Fees

For E.U. students*

Registration Fees

 350 €

Annual Tuition Fees**

Admission Bachelor year 1

8 040 €

Admission Bachelor year 3

8 040 €

Admission MBA year 1
9 000 €
3-month Professional Course

 1 500 €

*only for European Union citizens or for students with a E.U. residence permit

**option to pay by monthly installments from July 1 to June 30 only for French residents.

For non E.U. residents, please contact the school


  1. Fill in the application form attached to this brochure and send it, with all requested information, to the school you have chosen.
  2. Upon reception, the school will study your application, and will send you an invitation to take the entrance exam, if you qualify.
  3. You confirm that you will be able to take the entrance exam.
  4. The entrance exam will be held in the school to which has sent the invitation. The purpose of this examination is to evaluate your qualities and aptitudes to work in the hospitality or tourism industries, your motivation and your English level.
  5. Shortly after the entrance examination, you will be informed about the result by post.
  6. Your admission will be confirmed after a meeting with the Dean of the School you will be attending. During the meeting all administrative and financial paperwork will be completed.

*This process is only applicable to European students and non European students who reside in Europe. For non European Students, please check the Admission Process on the Fees Structure Sheet.