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Entrepreneurial Management

The Entrepreneurial Management specialization in MBA year 2 for future business owners

Vatel supports budding business owners! The purpose of the Entrepreneurial Management specialization is to train tourism and hospitality professionals in how to launch and sustain their business.
This course is a real springboard if you plan to set up or invest in a hospitality business. Meeting this market’s requirements cannot be improvised: during the curriculum, you will discover the tools that are essential for financing, starting and managing your project.

The Entrepreneurial Management specialization in MBA year 2 for future business owners

Qualities required to train in entrepreneurship

To take the Entrepreneurial Management specialization in year two of the MBA, possessing these soft skills is a real plus:

- Creativity: a taste for innovation, curiosity and the desire to pursue your goals are essential assets for achieving entrepreneurial success.
-  Willpower and perseverance: these character traits are necessary to continue the journey, with its occasional obstacles, until your project materializes.
-  Organization: creating your own business demands rigor and pragmatism, as you move forward step by step.
-  Humility: challenging your assumptions, asking yourself questions and adapting to change are key attributes in Entrepreneurial Management.

To take this specialization, you must have a good understanding of the hospitality and tourism sectors.

Thanks to the Entrepreneurial Management MBA specialization, you will put all your knowledge into action and become independent. It is a complete course for future hospitality business directors who want to embark on the adventure of starting a business.

Entrepreneurial Management specialization program

Students take the Entrepreneurial Management specialization in year two of the European MBA in Hotel and Tourism. During their course, students are exposed to several aspects of entrepreneurship:

  • Knowing how to seize opportunities when they arise (identifying and assessing them);
  • How to diagnose a business (strengths/weaknesses, assessing profitability);
  • Hiring and training an efficient project team.

The Entrepreneurial Management course provides precious tools for analysis and reflection. It focuses on in-depth study of management basics:

  • The market, its opportunities and risks;
  • Business development models;
  • Legal affairs and human resources administration;
  • The business plan, with targets and forecasts;
  • Risk analysis and concepts of investment and financing;
  • Negotiating.

The course is taught in French.
At our business school, students share their experiences and benefit from the perspective of industry professionals. This is a real asset in helping them meet the many challenges of starting a business.

End-of-degree internship or project

Once students have absorbed the theory of Entrepreneurial Management, it is vital for them to do an internship to test these acquired skills against the on-the-ground reality. Vatel provides several recommendations regarding the end-of-degree internship or project, for which there are several possible experiences:

  • Join a business department in a bank;
  • Work for a business angel, to explore issues around the requirements of development-support finance;
  • Approach a crowdfunding platform;
  • Operate in a specialist Horeca financing entity.

For their internship, students are free to choose a public, semi-public or private-sector organization. They can do their internship in a chamber of commerce, a craft guild or banking federation.

It is also possible to do your internship in an incubator. This would be a great opportunity to actually start preparing to launch your business.

Career options after the Entrepreneurial Management specialization

The purpose of the Entrepreneurial Management specialization in MB1 year two is to provide the impetus you need to start or invest in a business. After taking this course, you will be ready to meet the challenges of entrepreneurship.
You have several options:

  • Set up an independent entity, which you will grow and perpetuate.
  • Create a franchise.
  • Lead a business unit in a large hospitality group.

To discover all your career options after an MBA Entrepreneurship specialization, read our hospitality entrepreneur careers factsheet.

To meet the challenges of starting or investing in a business, you must be well prepared. The Entrepreneurial Management specialization of the MBA gives tourism and hospitality managers the requisites and self-belief to take risks and make the right moves. The tools for market and management analysis will hold no secrets for you. You will be comfortable with running your project, and you will harness the best technological tools to move forward in our digital age. To find out more, don’t hesitate to request our brochure.

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