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Sales & E-marketing Management

Sales & E-marketing Management specialization of the Vatel MBA

Opt for a specialization in sales management to gain high proficiency in marketing strategy and sales supervision. This course also covers web marketing. It aims to prepare you – as a future hospitality and tourism professional – for the digital transformation.

Social media, online reputation, online visibility, inbound marketing and the customer relationship are tools you must master to optimize business development and establishments’ competitiveness.

MBA specialization in Sales & E-marketing Management

Qualities required to train in Sales & E-marketing Management

Students take the Sales & E-marketing Management specialization in year two of the European MBA in Hotel and Tourism.
This specialization in Sales & E-marketing Management assumes students have already acquired technical skills in:

- Business strategy
- IT and reporting
- Customer portfolio management and sales
- Budget control
- Business English

Students must also demonstrate an affinity with the fields of digital, SEO and new technologies. In addition, the MBA specialization in Sales & E-marketing Management encourages you to develop specific skills such as:

- Analytical ability
- Active listening
- Creativity
- Persuasiveness
- Rapid adaptability
- Team mindset

This specialization is intended for people attracted by digital communications, marketing, and managing new media and social media.

Sales & E-marketing Management specialization program

The purpose of this MBA specialization is to teach students how to exploit data to analyze consumers’ purchasing behavior. As part of a hotel-business degree equivalent to Master 2 level, it develops your commercial ability, but also gives you the skills to develop a communications strategy and control a brand’s positioning in its market.

Spécialisation MBA : Sales & E-marketing Management

Vatel Brussels offers you a pathway to specialize in sales management and web marketing. This course, taught in English in the heart of Europe, focuses on the following target modules:

  • E-Marketing
  • Social Media Management
  • Introduction to Revenue Management
  • Brand content management 
  • Sales management 
  • Sales on-site practice (in German or Spanish)
  • Sales & Marketing Human Resources Management
  • Operations Management

Between the blocks of classroom weeks is a two-week Challenge run by the school’s partner hotels. You are trained by industry professionals with a deep understanding of sales management. These professionals support you and pass on their hotel market secrets and the commercial strategies specific to the sector.

End-of-degree internship in Sales & E-marketing Management

To better embed your skills, all Vatel campus pathways systematically end with hands-on professional experience. This specialization is thus followed by a six-month management internship.

This end-of-degree internship is done in a company in the hotel or tourism sector. Students choose between the marketing and sales departments of:

  • Travel agencies
  • Hospitality or restaurant establishments
  • Leading maisons or palaces
  • Tourist transport operators
  • Leisure complexes

Interns will therefore also experience disciplines such as inbound marketing, a new way of attracting a qualified audience by distributing targeted content. The teaching methods of Vatel’s professionals, combined with this practical experience, ensures the success of students at the Brussels campus. Graduates from this Vatel school are capable of adapting to current trends and anticipating future ones.

Career options after an MBA specialization in Sales & E-marketing Management

All companies need a sales manager and digital communications to conquer their market and stay competitive. With an MBA web marketing specialization, you are tailored for jobs in sales/marketing departments in the tourism and hospitality sectors. You can hold positions such as:

  • Digital Project Leader
  • Sales Assistant Manager
  • Marketing Assistant Manager
  • Community Manager
  • Digital Communications Manager, etc.

The sales and communications functions also offer international career opportunities. With several years’ experience under your belt, you will be ready for a marketing manager role.

Likewise, the entrepreneurial abilities you have acquired may open up opportunities for you to be a freelance consultant. Want to gain high proficiency in marketing and digital communications?
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