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Find out all about the job of Sales Manager

Passionate about hotels or tourism? Then enter the sector via the Sales Manager position. Your objective: grow the client base of your establishment and build its loyalty through a commercial strategy. This highly sought-after position offers strong potential for developing your career and earning power.

Tout savoir sur le métier de sales manager ou manager des ventes

What are the main duties of a Sales Manager?

As the sales strategist of a business, today’s Sales Manager must have a grounding in digital marketing in order to conquer the market. Travel agencies, hotels and tourism sector transport companies need your services. As a Sales & E-marketing Manager, your role spans four main activities.

Set and achieve sales targets:

the Sales Manager – also known as a Director of Sales or Head of Sales – is responsible for growing a company’s revenue. They design a sales action plan coupled with a sales optimization strategy to hit their targets.

Execute the commercial strategy of the establishment:

overseen by the marketing department, you must apply the marketing plan of the company. You assess and analyze sales, then report your findings to management.

Hire and lead a team of sales reps:

the Sales Manager is in charge of recruiting and training sales representatives. The manager runs meetings and assigns targets to the sales reps.

Develop, and build loyalty among, the client portfolio:

as Sales & E-marketing Manager, you work to increase brand visibility and capture new prospects. You publicize offerings tailored to your targets using web marketing (social media, blogs, etc.) or on the ground.

What skills are required to become a Sales Manager?

To become a Sales Manager you must be dynamic, but that’s just the start. To fulfil this role, you must develop certain technical skills.

A Sales & E-marketing Manager needs to know the core sales techniques – such as market research, handling objections, and communications. In our digital era, they must also be proficient in digital marketing.

Supervising sales teams demands management skills to drive collective performance, hire staff and delegate tasks. A Sales Manager must develop their business acumen by adopting an entrepreneurial vision.

The management team of an establishment expects a Sales Manager to stay on budget and monitor his/her targets. To do this, the postholder uses reporting tools to refine their strategy and report results.

Having fluent business English, at least, is essential for communicating with clients and partners.

Other qualities are also necessary to excel in this post, such as:

  • an ability to synthesize
  • fluent writing and interpersonal skills
  • being well-organized and rigorous
  • good listening skills
  • charisma

What training do you need to become a Sales & E-marketing Manager?

A course leading to a qualification is essential for this post of responsibility. The Vatel MBA, awarded after five years’ higher education, is a vocational degree recognized worldwide. With the MBA specialization in Sales Management delivered by Vatel Brussels, you can combine managerial and commercial skills with a digital marketing qualification. You are trained by industry professionals with an in-depth knowledge of the role, the hotel market and its specific commercial strategies.

How much does a Sales Manager earn?

A Sales Manager on a permanent contract can expect a gross monthly salary of between €4,500 and €5,800. But the figure depends on bonus payments, the size of the company, their experience and the country where they are based.

What career development options does a Sales Manager have?

A Sales Manager can move up to managing a larger market – becoming an International Sales Manager, for example. If they perform well, they can also become a Marketing Director or even a Country Manager. And the entrepreneurial ability developed during their career encourages some managers to set up their own consultancy.

The Vatel Hospitality Business School in Brussels, in the heart of Europe, offers you a specialization in this role, which has a great future. This reputable school also delivers an MBA in Hospitality. Capitalize on a high-quality degree in hospitality management. Backed up by 40 years of experience, the Vatel Group has five campuses in France – in Paris, Lyon, Nîmes, Bordeaux and Nantes – and over 50 worldwide.

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