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Validation of Professional Experience   

Professionals in the hospitality industry: Vatel supports you in your Validation of Professional Experience

Turn your experience into a degree with a Validation of Professional Experience

Who can do a VPE? 

Everyone working in the hospitality industry, tourism or restaurant services who has more than one year of experience in this field. 

Why do a VPE? 

Getting a promotion, a raise: it’s always easier to realize your professional ambitions when you’ve got a degree that proves your know-how.

Why at Vatel?

Since the school was founded in 1981, Vatel Group has had close links with professionals in the hospitality industry, who awarded it the Best Hospitality Management School Award.  Our educational team members are up to date on everything that’s changing in this field, as we often meet many professionals in the industry.  This is why Vatel’s training courses are designed to bring you the right answers when faced with the reality of stakes.  This effort was rewarded as of 2008 when Vatel degrees were certified by the French Minister of Professional Training (levels I and II, in the French National Directory of Professional Certification - RNCP).

What degrees can I have?

Two CNCP degrees: 
Bachelor in International Hotel Management - Manager en Hôtellerie internationale, an RNCP ministerial order certified level 6 equivalent to a Bachelor’s degree
MBA in International Hotel Management - Directeur d'Hôtellerie internationale, an RNCP ministerial order certified level 7 equivalent to a Master’s degree

How do I apply to Vatel’s Validation of Professional Experience?

Please send the following elements:  

  •  A detailed resume in French 
  •  A letter explaining your project after you finish this VPE 
  •  Elements in Book 1 
  •  A check for 90 euros*

* deducted from enrollment fees for the Validation of Professional Experience (Book 1) if you are accepted, and due if you are not accepted.

When we receive these elements, the Vatel Lecture Committee will study the admissibility of your application. After this you will receive a letter. This will tell you if you have been admitted or not.  If your file is accepted, Gaëlle GARNIER will explain the following steps.


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Vatel Lyon - 8 Rue Duhamel. BP. 2013 - 69002 Lyon Cédex

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