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Birgitta, optimistic
Birgitta, optimistic WE TURN YOUR QUALITIES INTO A CAREER Discover
Manager en hôtellerie
European Bachelor of Management in Hospitality & Tourism
Directeur en hôtellerie
European MBA in Hotel & Tourism

Brigitta is not the type to be afraid of the future. She is self confident and aware of the challenges ahead,and knows she can lean on Vatel’s solid network to make her way and build a future for herself.

Like brigitta,
count on vatel's solid network

Vateliens: a network of 39,000 committed alumni

39,000 committed alumni

Vatel alumni are located in Europe and around the world, working in operational and senior management positions in the finest hotels. When they graduate from Vatel, they form a priceless network that facilitates the job search – whenever possible, they prefer to take Vatel interns and hire Vatel graduates to join their teams.
They propose internships and job opportunities; they receive exclusive job offers from companies; and they consult the directory to keep in touch with a fellow Vatelien or look for other Vateliens in their geographic location for support. Vatel has also opened this network to final-year students, so they can take advantage of it right at the beginning of their careers.


Vatel alumni who decide to start working after their Bachelor in International Hotel Management have operational middle management jobs in hotel chains: Front Desk Assistant Manager, Restaurant Manager, Housekeeping Manager, Sales Assistant, Cost Controller, etc.

Students graduating with an MBA in International Hotel Management are offered an open ended contract on average six months after graduation, in much larger companies. These types of job require more skills and managerial ability: Front Desk Manager, Deputy Restaurant and Catering Manager, Marketing Manager, Deputy Human Resources Manager, Revenue Manager, etc.


In Thailand, Vatel is seen as an excellent school for those who would like to become senior executives. [...] People really appreciate its dynamic education founded on a mixture of theory and practical applications. The number of students who apply each year proves this.“

Class of 2014

Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts Bangkok, Thailand

In each of my internships, Vatel was not only known, but considered as a benchmark. That’s why I was able to be quickly considered as the team leader and why all the Vatel alumni who worked in the same hotel or in the same city helped me out. I quickly became aware that Vatel was not only a network of different schools, but first and foremost, a network of men and women present all over the world.“

Class of 2010

at Egencia (Expedia),
Paris, France

My Vatel professors set the route for my success. It’s just like if I had chosen to take the path leading to hotel management and they had transformed this little path into a huge avenue with many different roads intersecting with it, meaning the hotel departments where I did my practical application weeks, so that I wouldnever lose my way in any hotel structure whatsoever.“

Class of 2006

Paradiso Hotel Group
New Delhi, India

A multicultural program validated and recognized by hospitality professionals

Hotel chains are deeply involved in Vatel training: they meet students during conferences, forums and workshops, as well as offering them internships and recruiting recent graduates. Thanks to this frequent interaction, students are in direct contact with the hospitality profession from their first year onwards.

A multicultural program validated and recognized by hospitality professionals
students are in direct contact with the hospitality profession
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Birgitta, optimistic
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