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Noah, adventurous
Manager en hôtellerie
European Bachelor of Management in Hospitality & Tourism
Directeur en hôtellerie
European MBA in Hotel & Tourism

Aged 17, Noah has a thirst for freedom. Attracted by the great wide world, he will soon be tempted by an experience on a Vatel campus. And why not on the other side of the globe?

Like Noah,
go international

In the past 60 years, tourism has constantly expanded and diversified, becoming one of the world’s most important and dynamic business sectors. It is also a sector that is evolving and developing an increasing number of initiatives to support ecologically and socially responsible tourism. 

These initiatives are in line with the recommendations of UNWTO, the United Nations agency dedicated to the tourism sector. The UNWTO is campaigning for the implementation of 17 ambitious objectives for the sustainable development of tourism, the ”Sustainable Development Goals” (SDGs) are a guarantee for the future.

Becoming one of the world’s most important and dynamic business sectors

A strong need for executives and operational managers

In this highly specialized sector, there is still a lack of executives and operational managers. This is why Vatel prepares the younger generations to build a sustainable future in a demanding sector, one where they will be able to expand their skill sets and achieve their professional ambitions. All of Vatel’s educational methods are designed to reach this goal.

The French art

The French art of hospitality:
a benchmark for the rest of the world

Hospitality stems from the History of France. In the Middle Ages, young gentlemen traveling the world, diplomatic emissaries and princes stayed in the most beautiful residence in town and the most important people fought for the honor of being able to host them.

Large hotel chains consider the French art of hospitality as a benchmark and an asset, wherever they are located. This is why they are constantly looking for managers who perfectly understand these values and who are able to convey them.

Lily, ambitious
Noah, adventurous
Rajesh, hyperactive
Miriam, versatile
Birgitta, optimistic
Alonso, globetrotter
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