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Luxury Management

MBA Specialization in Luxury Brand Managemen

The luxury sector and its manufacturing industry remain globally renowned symbols of of French competitiveness. Prestige hotels, heritage management, fashion and top brands need to be represented with distinction. The profession actively seeks young graduates attracted by this demanding world. 

The MBA specialization in Luxury Brand Management gives students the hard and soft skills that are essential in this high-end marketplace. This specialization prepares you to create marketing strategies and original services for luxury brands.

Vatel MBA Specialization in Luxury Brand Management

Qualities required to train in luxury brands

The Luxury Brand Management specialization assumes you have already acquired a number of core skills in:

- Business strategy;
- Management tools for tracking results;
- Management of objectives in project mode;
- Strategic and managerial vision;
- Guiding customer service (internally and externally);
- Personnel management;
- Business English.

The elevated standards associated with luxury companies also demand that you develop highly specific behaviors and qualities:

- Exemplarity (respect for others and for the rules);
- Sense of rigor, attention to detail;
- Honesty and integrity;
- Analytical ability;
- Creativity and innovation;
- Proactivity and initiative;
- Meticulous posture and gestures.

You may also be interested in the MBA Specialization in International Wine & Spirits Management: managerial roles with noble brands require a degree of rigor on a par with their renown. This means being able to adapt to others, to the corporate culture and to its environment.

Luxury Brand Management specialization program

Paris has historically been the capital of luxury, so it made perfect sense for Vatel Paris to offer a course on this prestigious market. The Luxury Brand Management specialization takes place in year two of the European MBA in Hotel and Tourism.

All the topics revolve around the luxury sector and industry:

  • Learn communications and marketing, then create a communications plan;
  • Acquire a grounding in operational expertise and leadership, in order to take the right managerial decisions in luxury hotels;
  • Cover the main financial themes and apply the knowledge you have already acquired in operational auditing, financial analysis and taxation;
  • Envisage a role as an HR director of a prestigious hotel, and apply team management skills;
  • Create and manage a luxury product or service for the hotel sector (oral presentation in pairs for a panel of sector professionals + written project);
  • Strengthen your proficiency in English.

You receive training from professionals with a perfect understanding of the luxury world. They will coach you, passing on the secrets of this unique and captivating market.

Internship in the luxury sector

With its haute couture and jewelry maisons, its five-star palaces and its Michelin-starred restaurants, Paris attracts a high-end clientele. Interns from this Vatel campus thus have no trouble in finding a location for their six-month internship. It generally takes place in:
- A managerial department of a luxury hotel (five star or palace);
- A luxury restaurant group;
- Retail or any service business in the luxury sector (travel, jewelry, heritage management, etc.).
Vatel activates its professional network across this selection to assist students doing the MBA Specialization in Luxury Brand Management. This sector seeks the hard skills, but especially the soft skills, that Vatel students learn during their curriculum.

Quels sont les débouchés après une spécialisation en Management du Luxe ?

Le marché du luxe reste très porteur et les opportunités de carrière sont nombreuses. Les diplômés sont amenés à travailler dans des : 

  • Hôtels 5 étoiles ; 
  • Palaces ; 
  • Restaurants haut de gamme ou étoilés Michelin ; 
  • Marques de luxe…

S’ils endossent au préalable des fonctions supports ou de management opérationnel, le MBA spécialisation management du luxe leur permet ensuite d’accéder à des responsabilités accrues :

  • Directeur d’hôtel ;
  • Manager dans le luxe ; 
  • Sales manager ;
  • Luxury brand manager ;
  • Responsable sales et marketing ;
  • Chef de produit ;
  • Chef de projet ;
  • Responsable conciergerie ou guest relation…

Le domaine du luxe vous passionne ? Consultez notre brochure pour en savoir plus.

Jovana GLISIC - MBA 2022

Après un stage de fin d’études de six mois en qualité d’Assistante des Directions des Ressources Humaines et Administration Financière Chargée d’ouverture d’établissement, au sein du Paris j’Adore, Hotel & Spa***** (Groupe Mendjel), je me suis vue proposer un poste en CDI au siège du Groupe.  
A présent, j’ai l’immense opportunité d’occuper le poste de Responsable Process internes et Chargée de missions. Je mène mes projets et coopère avec des prestataires externes qualifiés et experts dans leurs domaines d’activité.

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