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Resort Management

MBA Specialization in Resort Management

If you are thinking bigger than simply running a hotel, then move into resort management! These establishments, which specialize in experiential tourism, are often larger and offer extra services: spas, nature activities (lake, mountains, sea, etc.), golf and various other leisure pastimes. The MBA specialization in Resort Management gives students a grasp of the operational, financial and strategic logic behind these amenities, which are organized in a complex yet fascinating way.

MBA Specialization in Resort Management

Qualities required to train in Resort Management

Resort hotels provide their clients with multiple services, such as:

- wellness and relaxation areas 
- high-quality sports leisure activities (golf, horseriding, etc.)
- luxurious facilities (pools with hydromassage, saltwater pools, spas, etc.)
- entertainment (casinos, stage shows, theme parks, etc.)

Resort management requires you to understand and master a complex organization whose constraints are sometimes compounded by its location (desert, savannah, island, downtown, etc.).

This MBA specialization, blending entrepreneurial skills and customer service strategy, therefore requires a number of technical skills:

- Hotel strategy
- Product and service sales
- Finance and employee management
- Business law and taxation
- Basic communication and marketing techniques

Given the corporate and international dimension of the resorts sector, you should also assess your personal capability. Are you ready to meet the challenge of this pathway? Do you have the strengths to follow this MBA specialization? On this course, certain soft skills are an undeniable advantage:

- Service-minded and a good listener, which are key to satisfying the expectations of a demanding clientele
- Ingenious and an initiative-taker, to devise new concepts and set your resort apart
- A good teacher and giver of advice, to guide a conscientious and committed team
- Rigorous, to formalize and enforce procedures so that an establishment’s services are delivered consistently
- A keen interest in leisure and entertainment – a real bonus for anticipating new trends

The MBA specialization in Resort Management is particularly well suited to those with an ambition to become hospitality and tourism entrepreneurs on a larger scale..

Resort Management specialization program

Students doing a European MBA in Hotel & Tourism at a Vatel campus can follow their fifth year’s training at Vatel Mauritius. They can finish their degree there, specializing in resort management. This specialization includes online classes, seminars, and lectures. It ends with periods of hands-on experience at partner hotels.

Many experienced professionals are involved in training you throughout the program, which comprises:

- Employee recruitment and training
 - Digital innovation
 - Development of local and international tourism

- Management philosophy
- Macro and micro environments
 - Main results categories and management tools

- Sales segmentation, distribution, and development
 - Forecasting, pricing, and revenue management

- Understanding and managing the casino market
 - Analyzing the competition, and proficiency in spa client management
 - Optimizing golf course operation

Vatel offers high-quality training programs in the fields of hospitality and tourism. You can enroll at a Vatel hospitality management school after gaining your high-school diploma, and study for a Bachelor of Hospitality Management.

Internship in the Resort Management sector

In the fifth and final year, internships must be done in managerial roles in resorts.Students can then more easily take up roles such as F&B Manager, Executive Housekeeper, and Sales & Marketing Manager in resorts – though without it restricting their prospects, as many former resort executives work in luxury hotels that are not necessarily resorts.

Career options after an MBA specialization in Resort Management

After an MBA specialization in Resort Management, you can join a hotel complex  (franchise or independent) or a consultancy.In these entities, you will work in positions such as:

  • Hotel Director
  • Manager, cruise or private club industry
  • Consultant
  • Designer, luxury concepts
  • Sales and Marketing Manager

If you think the job of Resort Manager matches your ambitions, request our brochure.

Alumni testimonials on the MBA specialization in Resort Management

Nicolas Quin Rommel 

As part of the Resort Management specialization, we studied out-of-the-ordinary amenities such as casinos, golf courses, and spas. This was an advantage for our internships and experiences. Vatel taught me a lot of theory, but the practical side of things is equally important. Internship selection is key for your subsequent studies. With plenty of curiosity and motivation, you learn a huge amount and soon become operational in your first role. I’m now the General Manager of a four-star hotel.

Jean-Vincent Carosin

As a Mauritian with a strong attachment to tropical islands, the Resort Management specialization made the most sense for me and I’ve never regretted it. We covered luxury hotel management across all aspects of a Resort & Spa, including the golf course, the spa, watersports and so on. I really enjoyed the school’s multicultural atmosphere. Mixing with students from all over the world is guaranteed to make you open-minded – we had wide-ranging conversations and I met people who made an indelible impression on me. Specialization aside, hotel management is a vocation. It’s enabled me to be myself, doing something I love – offering experiences to families, groups of friends, or simply people seeking to escape and switch off. Today, I’m Duty Manager – Global Sport Event Qatar 2022 (FIFA World Cup 2022)

Prasheena Cheekhoree 

he Resort Management specialization gave me the chance to enjoy an enriching international experience, and opened many doors thanks to Vatel’s network. I’m now Country Human Resources Manager at Rixos Hotels.

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