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Marco Polo, an exchange program to learn more about the international hospi

Marco Polo: an exchange program to train in hospitality management

Your second year in another Vatel campus

Those who want to have a career in the hospitality and tourism industries must have an international and cross-cultural outreach. Present in over 30 countries on four continents, Vatel Group gives its students the opportunity to develop their cross-cultural mindset by doing their second year in different Vatel school. 

The educational concept remains the same, the only things that differ are the cultural environment and language.

Vatel schools throughout the world have the same educational programs: students thus continue their courses abroad before going back to their home school, in France, for their 3rd year of the Bachelor in International Hotel Management program

Students, who are immerses in a new country with a different culture:
• speak another foreign language each day,
• become more mature, 
• increase their employability. 

Because of the sponsorship system between students, they remain in contact with their home school while updating their classmates on their experiences. To make the most out of this experience, Vatel recommends that students extend their stay by doing their international internship in their host country. 

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